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Sweet Motown Soul


 Hello Everyone...
It's been awhile since I've posted any news, but I've been very busy, but that's no excuse. I should have updated this months ago. But I want to thank you for following me and my works. You are a blessing to me. For those who do not know, as of February 2016, I've been working with The Dramatics featuring L.J. Reynolds, and it has been a dream come true for me. Also, don't forget to check out my song "No Weeping" on Pandora radio. Be Blessed,
Lavel j.
These are past and future dates on my schedule:
January 31st(Soul Train Cruise) Cayman Is.( The Dramatics )
February 1st(Soul Train Cruise) Cayman Is.( The Dramatics )
February 12th Washington, DC( The Dramatics )
February 13th New York, New York( The Dramatics )
February 14th Atlantic City, New Jersey ( The Dramatics )
February 27th St. Saint Marie (Soul Street)
March 19th New York( The Dramatics )
March 25 & 26 (Stables)
April 8, Redondo, Beach California( The Dramatics )
May 20 & 21(Stables) with Soul Xpress
May 21st(Prayer Breakfast)
May 29th Blue Bell Beach with Soul Xpress
May 30th in Genesee Co. With Soul Xpress
June 17th for Rock the Block with Soul Xpress
June 18th Traverse City with Soul Xpress
June 23rd Party on McCarty with Soul Xpress
July 9th Benton Harbor(Dramatics)
July 15 & 16 (Stables) with Soul Xpress
July 17th (Bluebell) with Soul Xpress
July 29th with Soul Xpress
August 13th with Soul Street
August 20th Walloon Lake Country Club....with Soul Xpress
August 21st
September 9 & 10 (Stables) with Soul Xpress
September 21st (Wine Race Saginaw) with Soul Xpress
October 15th Cleveland(Dramatics)
November 4 & 5 with Soul Xpress
Nov. 23rd...with Soul Xpress
Nov. 24th Newark NJ. (Dramatics)

Dates are subject to change:
Thank you all for your prayers and support!